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FIGURE – Alien

Good morning Wasted people of the internet. We forgot to tell you guys and gals a while back that we created all the visuals for fellow horror enthusiast and Dubsetp producer FIGURE’s Terror vision Tour.

It’s already done and dusted, but let us know if you got to catch them live in the comments!


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We have made some thoughtful Valentine’s cards for your loved-one(s). Click to download what will definitely make any girl swoon/cry/kiss you with tongues. We tested them on some girls we found and 99% of them cried, so you know they work because a girl crying means she loves you, like when the lady in Jaws does it.

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Alrighty Wasteoids, we’re finally fucking back on the internets! This site’s obviously maintained by some waste who doesn’t really know what the fuck is going on at any particular time ever, or even how to run a website properly, hence our absence.

To make it up yo you we have a brand spankin new playlist below and a 20 second adventure video from last weekend above. We’re going to start posting these twenty second edits for all our weird adventures starting now. Last Sunday Bumday we took a hike up Break Neck mountain, NY to check out some of BOOTYFULL VIEWS. STAY WASTED!