The brainchild of a SoHo design house, their team is cashing in on our need to beat the shit out of each other. Can’t find a suitable sparring partner by joining a boxing gym or simply being an obnoxious asshole? Download Rumblr, enter your ‘stats’ i.e. height, weight, experience, and search the surrounding area for a fellow testosterone-jacked user DTB (down to brawl). Like any good fight, you can begin by randomly talking shit to your partner (see the press photos above), hopefully goading them into meeting up IRL. The location is broadcast so other users can come watch.

Because the Rumblr team is clearly about political correctness and equality, there’s a RumblrHER filter to allow lady-folk to fight each other as well. Or, you and some buddies can try out the RumblrGROUP feature to test your mettle against another crew of bro’. We am not making this up.

The app’s trial supposedly launches today at 5 p.m., just in time for you to catch and/or give a fade on the way home from work.

We want to terrify you!