2 Nickelodeon Super Toy Run winners reminisce 20 years later

Held annually throughout the ’80s and ’90s and subject to insane amounts of frothing rapture from kids everywhere, the Nickelodeon Super Toy Run gave one lucky fucker got five minutes to run rampant over a toy store. Whatever they took home, they kept, and that was that. It was a commercial-hungry kid’s dream come true, and a great bit of brand synergy between Nickelodeon, Kay Bee Toy Stores (now the essentially defunct KB Toys), and Toys “R” Us, depending on the year of the run.

The envy of all their peers to this day, Douglas Berry and Andrew Moose were two Super Toy Run winners. Berry ran all over a Hawaiian Kay Bee Toys in 1993, while Moose destroyed a Sacramento area Toys “R” Us in 1995. The A.V. Club talked to them about the process, their sweet winnings, and whether or not they hooked up their friends.

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