That's right readers! From Dusk Till Dawn was released 20 years ago today, and in celebration we've gone and made you a little drinking game.

Hey, we know it’s fucking obvious and boring to cuss Twilight but TWILIGHT CAN FUCK OFF. That’s what people eat as vampire films nowadays? Are you all a morons? Real vampire movies are ace wicked cute power shits like Blade, Near Dark, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Bordello Of Blood, Blade II, John Carpenter’s Vampires and obviously, From Dusk Till Dawn.

Look, the big fucking twist with From Dusk Till Dawn is that it starts off as a Tarantino-esque crime movie (probably because Tarantino wrote it), but then halfway through THERE ARE FUCKING VAMPIRES. UH OH! From here on in it’s a mega-good horror flick with loads of vamps and bare people getting stung up and dashing bloodsuckers with stakes and holy-water-pistols. It's fucking awesome. Rules to get drunk below:

Drink every time one of the following takes place:

George Clooney says something intimidating

Harvey Keitel says something infinitely wise

Cheech Marin says the word "pussy"

Cheech Marin shows up as a new character.

A vampire catches on fire. If it explodes - 2 drinks.

*During the Santanico Pandemonium dance scene, simply relax and enjoy. No drinks necessary here. You'll need the break.

Down whatever’s in front of you at these amazing lines:

Seth Gecko: Everybody be cool.

Sex Machine: Now let's kill that fucking band.

Seth Gecko: OK vampire killers, lets kill some fucking vampires!

Kate Fuller: What's in Mexico? Richie Gecko: Mexicans.

BONUS! Induce vomiting if:

You go *shot for shot with the cast during the scene below. *Preferably tequila shots.

We want to terrify you!