Tales from the crypt is one of the best fucking shows ever made. It was a late 80’s slock take on the twilight zone, produced by the folks behind Back to the Future and the Original Superman flicks. It had everything we love! Terrible puns, graphic violence, Tom Hanks and of course the fucking Crypt Keeper.

So fasten your drool cups and ready your vomit bags Wasteoids, because Tales from the Crypt is coming back from dead! on TNT! from M. Night Shyamalan … (Insert crickets sound effects here)

Yeah, so M. Night Shyamalan is the guy behind the last air bender.. the dude behind after earth.. the same fucking smelly turd chugger behind the happening. The question is do we still have any reason to be excited about the resurrection of the Crypt Keeper? The possibility of us supporting Shyamalan - what a twist!

Let us know in the comments below (and hey: thanks for reading! You’re a true legend).

We want to terrify you!