It’s almost Christmas, we're some how still alive, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is the greatest film ever made. Clearly, you should watch it while drinking heavily. Maybe even be a total hero and buy us a round. Plus people seemed to vaguely like last month’s Trick 'r Treat game. Rules below:

Drink every time one of the following take place:

  • Someone says "Sparky", "Christmas", "Tree", "Family"
  • A Christmas song is being played or sung aloud
  • Clark endangers himself or family
  • A family member messes up Clark's perfect holiday experience
  • Clark unknowingly destroys something of Todd and Margo's
  • A new set of family members make an appearance at the Griswold house
  • Mary makes an appearance
  • Someone calls for Russ
  • The Christmas bonus or swimming pool is mentioned
  • The Advent calendar is opened
  • An animal messes with the tree
  • Someone is wearing an ugly sweater or sports-themed clothing

Drain everything when:

  • Clark takes down the power grid
  • Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

We want to terrify you!