Drunk Dude Drives A Stolen Tank Into A Shop And Steals A Bottle Of Wine

Drunk Dude Drives A Stolen Tank Into A Shop And Steals A Bottle Of Wine

The idea of ‘One more drink’ is a seductive force. Speaking from experience, I can confirm that people will do some wild things to keep the fire burning at the end of a rowdy night, and driving a stolen tank through the front window of an off-licence is probably just the tip of that particular iceberg.

Especially if you live in Russia.

This specific Russian man was three sheets to the breeze, allegedly – veritably tanked when he decided to steal an armoured personnel carrier near the small town of Apatity. Apparently these things are ready at hand in Russia, and if you have the stones to perform grand theft auto on one… well, then power to you.

Crashing through the woods and into town, old mate was promptly foiled by the vehicle’s pissweak turning circle when he found himself jammed in a narrow street. Presumably after attempting some Austin Powers-style 12-point turns, he proceeded to ram the APC through the shopfront of a closed convenience store and climb over the wreckage to grab himself another bottle of wine.

Local news agency Hibinform astutely noted that the shop was not licensed to sell alcohol that early in the morning. And so the man, in his late twenties, was arrested on charges of stealing a tank, crashing it into a shop, and taking a bottle of plonk without paying for it.

Source: yourfriendshouse.com
Feature image: Russia Beyond the Headlines

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