DRINKING GAME: Night Of The Living Dead

DRINKING GAME: Night Of The Living Dead

After two successful Halloween live performances at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz theater in Austin,

the homie, Bird Peterson has finally released his critically acclaimed version of the classic genre definer Night Of The Living Dead featuring his own new kick-ass original score.

Inspired by 80s horror and post-modern classical composers, the "driving synth filled" new soundtrack creates "an ongoing, rising pulse that brings out the natural anxiety of the film". The full soundtrack is also now streaming everywhere and available for sale from Teenage Riot Records.

We also went ahead and made you dudes and dudetts a drinking game for the movie. Drink like heroes, you motherfuckers.


  • Someone ignores warning signs of danger

  • Zombies show signs of intelligence

  • Punches/weapon strikes are obviously fake

  • Something catches on fire

  • Harry is an unbelievable douche

 **And if you want to turn yourself into an actual zombie drink whenever:

  • A zombie is on screen

We want to terrify you!