Another fine film ranked way below what it deserves!

This movie has everything, drinking Irishmen , bad fart jokes, ghost sex, a fucking talking horse, and demonic nuns setting Peter Galagar's balls on fire. Also, fairly certain O'Toole was legitimately drunk for the duration of filming. Rules for drinking below!


  • Someone gets hurt
  • You see a ghost
  • Someone says the word, "Haunted" or "ghost"
  • Someone else on the screen is clearly drunk
  • Someone has a sexual encounter with a ghost



Neil Jordan


Beverly D'Angelo, Daryl Hannah, Liam Neeson, Peter O'Toole, Steve Guttenberg

"When Peter Plunkett's (Peter O'Toole) Irish castle turned hotel is about to be repossesed, he decides to spice up the attraction a bit with a haunting for American tourists. Now these brave Americans have traveled all the way to Europe to visit a genuine haunted castle. Their host doesn't want them disappointed. but when you fake a haunting the real ghosts get mad. Now they're out of the closet and love is in the air. There's nothing like a vacation to give your spirits a lift. We can promise you ghouls of all descriptions in HIGH SPIRITS!

Director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire) busts loose in the zany '80s comedy about ghouls, ghosts and romance. Plagued by studio interference, this film was released to little fanfare and ultimately has been relegated to unrented VHS copies on dusty video store shelves. But to dismiss this film is a disservice to yourself! Combining insane practical ghosty effects and ethereal animation with an all-star '80s cast that includes THE GUTTE, Daryl Hannah, Liam Neeson, Peter O'Toole, Beverly D'Angelo, Jennifer Tilly and Peter Gallagher, HIGH SPIRITS is a brisk blast of '80s goofiness, ghastly whackiness, spousal swappiness and O'Toole bumbling, scheming, drunkeness. Strap yourself in cause Alamo Beverage Director, Bill Norris, is concocting a set of cocktails from the other side that will make you fall in love and haunt you through to the next morning. (Greg MacLennan)

"Those of you with nervous dispositions would do well to protect yourself. Lock your windows, bolt your doors, say your prayers, for tonight, they may be walking abroad..."


We want to terrify you!