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Steve Jobs Is The Kanye Of Computers


Homeboy best known from That 70s Show, Punked, and Demi Moore’s vagina; stars in a biopic of Apple founder Steve Jobs. You get Steve Jobs building a multi billion dollar company from his garage, dude driving around looking attractively tortured, and some shots of him in India not paying child support. Dude truly lived the American Dream.

Jobs will be out on August 19th, exclusively on Android phones.

FREE SHIT: Designer Drugs – DATAMIX 19


If you’ve been to our site before (WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS NAKED AND WET HAVEN’T YOU?) then you’ll know that we fucking love Designer Drugs and their Data mixes – We have never, and we repeat NEVER heard a DATAMIX that we haven’t liked. Download that shit for free below:

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