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Hula Cam At Burning Man 2012

We’re not going to attempt to explain Burning Man to you. Just imagine a bunch of people in the middle of nowhere wearing the worst Halloween costumes ever. If you want to get a taste of the insanity, some dude strapped a camera onto a hula hoop (cause it’s Burning Man and that makes total sense). Check out some of the ladies from this past year, but be forewarned, this is the worst video ever if you have a raging hangover. – Cool Material



We’re not 100% sure of everything that took place at the Zoo this year, so we’ll be spending the next few weeks in disguise just in case it turns out we did anything dreadful and/or hideous. Like, we remember filming a whole load of amazingness, and drinking these exciting things called “lots of beers”, and filming a whole bunch of rad artists and a crowd that was out for fucking blood. Here’s the video evidence.

Filmed and edited by Dominic Cappelletti. Jump off for all the blah blah blah infos.

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