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The 6 year old child inside of us just got so excited he tried to jump out via our ass, either that or its all that Curry we ate last… Either way it’s TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!!!


Sin City A Dame to Kill For Trailer of the Day


Jessica Alba looks fucking excellent, doesn’t she?

Yep, the preview trailer for this has just hit us square in the dick. The actual movie is out soonish, so keep an eye out for that. Seriously, take your eye out and leave it on the doorstep. You won’t be missing much.

Godzilla Breaks Up A Fucking Meth Ring


If there’s any character that has a right to pull out the tired trope of destroying New York City, it’s Godzilla. If there’s anyone that could take down Godzilla, it’s our main man, science bro #1, Heisenberg. You put Heisenberg and Godzilla in the same movie, and that’s a very strong recipe for a badass movie where mad shit blows up, and a giant radioactive lizard

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is the antagonist, but you still feel feels.

Godzilla touches down May 16th, word around town is that this might be the best Godzilla movie since that one where Godzilla’s kid (Godzuki) has to learn how to fight from an asian schoolboy. Spoiler alert, Godzilla steps on Godzuki’s tail to get him to blow fire, which seems like Pokémon abuse, which isn’t cool. Love your Pokémon.