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Burger King’s 15 Cent Nuggets. Salvation or Armageddon?

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Eating suspiciously cheap food is one of my favorite past times. There’s nothing quite like waking up in a soiled nest of burrito wrappers or nugget dust with only a mild stomach ache to show for it. Engaging in a complete war of attrition with dubious late night food is nothing short of heroic. When you emerge unscathed, you feel like a god. For the times you experience the literal bitter taste of defeat, you gaze upon your adversary with esteem and admiration.

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FIGURE – Alien

Good morning Wasted people of the internet. We forgot to tell you guys and gals a while back that we created all the visuals for fellow horror enthusiast and Dubsetp producer FIGURE’s Terror vision Tour.

It’s already done and dusted, but let us know if you got to catch them live in the comments!


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We have made some thoughtful Valentine’s cards for your loved-one(s). Click to download what will definitely make any girl swoon/cry/kiss you with tongues. We tested them on some girls we found and 99% of them cried, so you know they work because a girl crying means she loves you, like when the lady in Jaws does it.

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