When were on death row we’re ordering the all you can eat crab legs. That’s right, we’ll beat the system. No one’s ever done that before. Unless they can convince us to change our order we’d spend the rest of our lives eating delicious buttery crab legs.

On the real, last meal for inmates is a time honored tradition, a humane and gracious provision before imminent death, or a tacky and futile effort to make the executioner and his willing party feel a little better about taking a life.

Artist and chef Julia Ziegler-Haynes has compiled a brilliant array of photos that depict the real life requests of late prisoners, all shown in her new book Today’s Special which you can get your greesy paws on HERE. Check out more famous eerie last meals after the jump!

PETER J. MINIEL. October 6, 2004. Twenty beef tacos, twenty beef enchiladas, two double cheeseburgers, a pizza with jalapeños, fried chicken, spaghetti with salt, a small fruit cake, half of a chocolate cake, half of a vanilla cake, cookies-n-cream ice cream, caramel pecan fudge ice cream, two Coca-Colas, two Pepsi-Colas, two root beers and two orange juices.


LEWIS EUGENE GILBERT, II. July 1, 2003. A half-gallon of vanilla ice cream, a box of Whoppers and a box of assorted ice cream cones.


JACKIE LEE WILLINGHAM. July 24, 2003. Fettuccine Alfredo, a small deep-dish pepperoni pizza, breadsticks and two Peppermint Patties.


JAMES REXFORD POWELL. October 1, 2002. One pot of coffee.


DAVID LEON WOODS. May 4, 2007. Pizza and birthday cake.


HASTINGS ARTHUR WISE. November 4, 2005. A lobster tail, French fries, coleslaw, banana pudding and milk.


ROBERT ANTHONY BUELL. September 24, 2002. A single black, unpitted olive.


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