Don’t Forget To Thank GQ For Kate Upton In A Wet T-Shirt

When you sit down and say grace before dinner tonight, don’t forget to add a little thank you to GQ, Kate Upton, and Terry Richardson for combining forces and printing a bunch of ridiculously hot pictures of Kate. And if your dinner table isn’t the kind of place where you can casually bring up Kate’s boobs shining through her wet t-shirt, find a new dinner table.

GQ is cranking the patriotism up to eleven for July’s issue, and that means heavy focus on sports, summer snacks, and where to find the best jeans and t-shirts. And then there’s Kate Upton wearing (and not wearing) a bunch of bikinis, sucking red, white, and blue popsicles, and generally making us wish that we could hang out with her at a baseball game, or barbecue, or mud wrestling match. When did her tits become emblematic for America? And why didn’t that happen earlier?

Jump off to peep dem titties.

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