Seems like just the other day that I saw Dubbel Dutch’s “Throwback EP” on the front shelf of the “staff recommended” list in a basement record shop in Osaka, Japan – proof that even without record labels throwing millions of dollars at you, having a knack for making unique, transcendental dance music can get you respect from every corner of the globe.

So, maybe then it’s no surprise that Dubbel Dutch’s next EP will be collaborating with the extremely globally minded Mixpak imprint, quickly following the heat generated by his fantastic remix of Vybz Kartel’s “Half On A Baby” which kept all the pop heat of the vocals with a deep underground vibe incorporated.

The “Hymn EP” has already received support from Ramadanman, Girl Unit, Bok Bok, Mosca, and Samo Sound Boy amongst many others, and looks to continue Dubbel Dutch’s tradition of smashing down expectations – an early review of the EP includes the phrase “As if goth Kids fell head over heels in love with Miami Bass”. Definitely sounds on track.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1246984″ height=”200″]

Bonus: Dubbel Dutch guested on DJ Q’s 1Xtra show recently, and Unknown to the Unknown threw up a download link for your aural pleasure (because with global timezones being so effing confusing, who can actually catch a radio show at the right hour these days?)

Dubbel Dutch – Radio1 Extra Mix (via Sendspace)

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