How will GTRONIC handle our gauntlet of queries? After the jump!

What’s up GTRONIC? Tell the people your name & what do you do for a living?

Yo guys. My name is Greg aka GTRONIC, and I’m a fulltime producer/DJ.

Meaning behind the name?

GTRONIC, G from Greg and TRONIC from electronic music. Simple name, simple mind hehe.

How long have you been making heads bang? 

I started as a vinyl DJ in 2005. After 2 years, I sold all my records and bought studio monitors with that money. Best decision I ever made in my live.

Are there more chicks or dicks at your shows?

It depends on the club. But I learned girls don’t like moshpits. These wild dicks scare the nice vagina’s. So simple mind turns into smart mind, I comfort the chicks they’re safe with me. Muahaha (joking)

5) Which city shows the most love?
I think Sydney offers the most die hard fans. But during the world tour I just did, I learned there are a lot of cities that are threatening the leading position of Sydney.

What was your most memorable show played to date?

That’s hard to say. I’m playing almost every weekend in 2 countries, so my memory starts to get confused. The most memorable shows for me are the ones in countries I’ve never been before. With a culture totally different then the European culture: like South-Korea, Mexico etc.

Any gang bangs with groupie sluts?

I wouldn’t call them sluts. They just have more love to give than others.


No. I saw a lot of great artists fucking up their career. I stay with my lovely whiskey-sprite-ice combination.

Whats your favorite spots to chill?

In one of the many special coffee bars my city (Antwerp) has to offer.

Favorite horror flick of all time?

The Descent

How long do you think you are gonna live?

With the lifestyle I’m having now…?

I give myself another 8 years hehe. I’m sure I won’t pass my 60th birthday. I will either die because of a sugar or alcohol overdose, a crazy exotic STD or ran over by a car due to never wearing my glasses.

Craziest shit (not literally) you’ve seen while touring?
Oh man, I saw a lot of shit. This past weekend in Milan, we took a 7-stair set of the hotel main entrance, with a car. The driver thought it was the exit and didn’t saw the stairs. Luckily I survived. His expensive Volvo needs new car paint I guess.

Proudest moment of your career?

The starting of my career, when The Bloody Beetroots played my track “Iron Man”.

How would you define your genre?

HEAVY BASS TRASH. Not fidget, not dubstep. Just an overdose of heavy bass sounds.

Where are you headed to next?
This weekend I’m playing at Montpellier-France and Gualtiri-Italy.

Which other artists do you think are killing it right now? Who would you like to play a show with?

Justice, Cyberpunkers, Polymorphic, Belzebass, Huoratron, Modek, Mumbai Science, The S, Tom Deluxx, DJAntention, Beens, Autodidakt, X-ettl, The Oddword, VNNR, Bassjackers, Loops of fury, Clouds …

Top tracks your hammering at the moment?

My new stuff I’m trying out at the moment. It’s exciting to evaluate the feedback.

Whats your studio like? Is it a shit hole? or nice and clean? and what’s your favorite piece of equipment in there?

It’s really small. I’m buying a lot of new gear, and I don’t have any room to put it. I’ve built my own studio in a garage box. My favorite piece of equipment is that pair of Distressors I recently bought…

How do you explain your music to your family members?

“lots of noise with a techno beat”

Its 2012, the worlds been completely annihilated by zombies! you are the only hope for all humanity, what weapon are you going to use to slay these zombie fucks?

I would seduce the men zombies with Stella Artois, the women zombies with Belgian chocolate, and the children zombies.. Well, we Belgians have a great place for them called ‘the basement’.

IF you had the opportunity to kill Justin Beiber, would you

A: kill him with an axe

B: Strangle him with piano wire

C: Squeeze the life out of him with your bare hands

D: Other and explain why.

D, this would probably upset some die hards, but I have no hate against Bieber. If I kill him, it would be for his money. With an axe, piano wire and my bare hands.

5 traits of your ideal girl.
5 big tits

Your Studio is on fire! You only have time to save one piece of gear! What is it?
Like I said once before: I would sing the Belgian national anthem and die with my gear.

Share a secret with Wastechester that no one else knows about you!
I can fart like a camel.

Where can we pick up exclusive GTRONIC news & downloads?

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