Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fireworks Night, everyone. Remember the important safety rules. Yeah, I’m gonna use bullet points, because I’m a motherfucking G:

– Putting fireworks out with your eyes doesn’t always work, so you should have a friend’s eyes handy as well.
– If a firework goes out, you can’t re-light it unless you have a bucket on your head.
– Saying “Hey guys” at a bunch of burning dolls on a fire is severely unfunny.
– So is throwing cutlery on the bonfire and shouting “Guy forks”.
– Drawing dicks in the air using a sparkler is compulsory. When your sparkler dies down, drop it in a stranger’s cider.
– If anyone keeps complaining that it’s too cold, putting them in the fire is absolutely acceptable.

Have a good one, you flaming bastards. More 4th of July goodness after the jump!



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