Super Seren Stripdown!

Hanging with Hulk and the gang, meet Seren, the girl with genuine super powers. Real ones! After the jump.

So Seren, how did you find shooting with The Avengers guys?
Well it was a little bit intimidating to be honest, but once I got to know them a little bit it got more comfortable. Captain America is a bit of a psycho though, I don’t trust him one little bit.

Yeah he did seem to drop his shield quite a lot…
Well I was bashing his shield with my breasts, and he was throwing abuse at me, mocking me from down below. But I really got on with The Hulk, he kept pulling my knickers down. I gave him my number.

Awesome. So who’s your favourite superhero of all time?
Probably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, especially the one with the orange headband… Michelangelo? I used to have a Turtles duvet.

With so many comic book films coming out these days, is now the time for the comic geek to bag all the ladies?
Well I can’t speak for the whole of women, but I’d prefer a bit of a nerd to a footballer. I think people are over the whole ‘WAG’ thing, that was really Noughties. The geek could be the new footballer.

“I reckon Captain America is a little shit whereas the hulk is a babe. Love hulk”

What if your date was wearing a cape. Too far?
Not if they were in a cape and nothing else…

Careful, for all you know this bloke could look like Johnny Vegas.
I’d love to see Johnny Vegas in a cape and nothing else. He would be my superhero.

Big question – have you ever truly believed that you had special super powers?
Yeah. But I think it’s a secret so I don’t know if I should tell.

Oh. Erm… please?
When I was a teenager I was a bit like the girl in Stephen King’s Carrie, I had teenage hormones that had powers. They’d move my Robbie Williams posters off the wall.

You what?
Yeah. Teenage girls apparently have supernatural powers, like telekinesis. Honestly. One time I was looking at my Robbie Williams poster on my bedroom door, and it fell. I thought I was turning into something out of The Exorcist.

We won’t lie, we’re a little scared right now. Anyway, back to the important stuff. Spiderman or Batman?
Batman! I hate spiders. Spiderman can go to hell. But Batman, hell yes. I fancy Batman a lot, especially as it’s Christian Bale. I was an extra in the new Batman film! I think you see the back of my head next to Michael Caine!

Speaking of films, The Avengers is out now. Who’s the best out of Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and the gang?

Captain America’s a little shit. Hulk is a babe. Love Hulk.

Are you taking them home with you?
Well, no-one’s asked me. It would’ve been nice as I’ve had them all over my body. And The Hulk and I are meant to be going on a date.

Were you into Barbies as a nipper, or did you nick your brother’s Action Man?
I had a Barbie… and a Ken, but I preferred my brother’s Action Man to Ken, as I think he might be gay. I always used to steal my brother’s Action Man so he could make out with my Barbies. And Cindys! She’s British. My brother cut off all the heads of all my Barbies and said Action Man did it.

He better watch out, The Hulk will be round soon enough. Tell your brother to not make him angry, because he won’t like him when he’s angry…
Yes! Brilliant.


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