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Party’s Over Los Angeles!

ZZT, the stomping techno duo of Tiga and Zombie Nation are back with, what they’re calling, the sound of the mega-festival bomb gaining sentience and turning on its masters. Woah! These two have a history of solid studio chemistry. Add ‘Party’s Over Los Angeles’ to the list alongside ‘Lower State of Consciousness’, ‘The Worm’, ‘ZZafrika’ and the recent ‘Vulkan Alarm’!

“It must end. And so we will end it,” declare ZZT in troubling unison. SO HECTIC!

Also on the release you’ll find equally brain-melting remixes from Duke Dumont, John Convex and TWR72. STREAM ZEM ALL NOWWWW!

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1151653″ height=”200″]