The Best Horror Movie Deaths

Dr. Channard got this guy out of an insane asylum so his blood could help bring his lover back to life so the…who cares? Just watch this guy cut the shit out of himself. P.S.—For added fun, scream “Get ‘em off me!” repeatedly at your next office party. Then make photocopies of your ass.

More gruesome scenes that will make you cry for your mommy after the jump.

This scene changed the whole horror game. Before this, special effects were basically just a bucket of blood and a few camera tricks. Tom Savini, you are a god.

Mowing the lawn totally sucks. But mowing the zombies looks kind of enjoyable.

The first time you saw this, it was one of those “no one expected that to happen” kind of scenes. After watching it 100 times, it’s now one of those “play that shit over and over again in slow motion” kind of scenes.


Getting stabbed by a machete or hacked up with an axe is old hat now. What makes this scene so memorable is how slow the splinter goes into her eye. If you haven’t heard of Italian director Lucio Fulci…well, you have now because we just told you his name.


This scene scared us away from defibrillators forever. (Whenever we have a heart attack, we just jam our finger into a light socket.)


This is why you don’t play around with liquid nitrogen. ‘Cause the next thing you know, Jason Voorhees will come up behind you, shove your head into a sink full of it, and then smash your frozen face against a counter. Let this be a lesson to all you wannabe Bill Nyes out there.







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