Whats up fellas? Tell the people your names & what do you do for a living? 
K: Kolter Marles – I study and party for a living
F:I’m Fil. I go to school and make music for a living. 

We hate asking this question,  but your names pretty interesting. so what the hell is the meaning behind the name!

K: I see the name gooffee as more the attitude we have when making music or playing shows. We like to go all out and not give a fuck, we like to get gooffee.

F: I saw it on a liscence plate once and thought it looked kind of cool so I adopted it. It’s catchy and sticks in your head.


How long have you guys been making heads bang?

К:  Not long enough. We’ve both been involved in music for many years but we have only been knocking clubs down for the past 2 years.

F: Approaching two years now. We’ve gotten much better in the last year though.


Are there more chicks or dicks at your shows?

K:  I only notice the chicks so I can’t be sure.

F: Seems to be an equal amount, maybe a little more on the chick side.


Which city shows the most love?

K: Toronto is our home and we love it but Ottawa has always been good to us. Those kids love to party and we love to party with them.

F: Tdot. Lots of tough love.


What was your most memorable show played to date?

K: A while back we did an EP release party in Toronto and got Torro Torro to come jam. Right when Torro Torro hit the decks some couple started fucking in the booth. I’m talkin balls deep. It was definitely the most jokes show to date.

F: A tie between all the illegal as fuck house parties and one show where this pair fucked in DJ booth.

Any gang bangs with groupie sluts?

K: Not that I can remember, but Fil drugs me a lot so I’m terrified of the day some chick rolls up with a kid and says it’s mine.

F: gooftube.com will be launching soon.


K: You holding or looking?

F: Yes.


Whats your favorite spot to chill?

K: The place doesn’t matter so long as there are good people, good music and a fuck ton of booze.

F: Anywhere with good smoke, good drink, and fellow artists.


Favorite horror flick of all time?

K: Freaky Friday… Lohan’s scary as fuck.

F: A Serbian Film was pretty horrific. I don’t know about favourite, but it was the most horrific.


What did you have for dinner last night? Was it good?

K: Tacos and beer. Fuck yea it was good, it’s tacos and beer…

F: Frozen pizza. It was ok.


Where do you sleep at the moment?

K: Mostly in my bed, but sometimes I don’t know where I’m at until I wake up.

F: On my queen-sized bed. Sometimes on the couch when the temperature in my room isn’t right.


Craziest shit you’ve seen while touring?

K:  I remember kissing my ass goodbye on the highway in Fil’s volvo (RIP) heading to Ottawa for a show. We had 3 or 4 kegs in the trunk and the trunk started to rip away from the car from all the weight. Every little bump in the road made me shit just a little. Needless to say the Volvo isn’t with us anymore.

F: I had this giant shit once that came out as one piece. Definitely clogged that toiled. Shouts out to rest stops.

How would you define your genre?

K:  It’s tough to define it. We try to span more than one genre and keep things fresh. I would say our shit is dance-influenced-Gooffee-Shit

F: Essentially it’s dance music. We do a lot of electro, moombahton, and dubstep but we certainly aren’t limited to it.


Where are you headed to next?

K:  The moon.

F: Hopefully Europe/Asia/South America/Africa. We want to take our music around the world.


Which other artists do you think are killing it right now? Who would you like to play a show with? 

K: There are so many sick producers right now it’s tough to nail it down to just a few. I’d love to play a show with Juicy J… now that would be paper.

F: Lil Wayne. I wanna play an underground show with him where he only does shit before the carter 3 as well as mixtape shit. Fuck it, I would just watch.


Top 3 tracks your hammering at the moment?

K: Fuckin Fil put down the same three tracks i was gonna put down so here’s what I’m listening to right now.

Congorock – Babylon (Uppermost Rework)

F: Deniz Koyu – Tung!

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Gooffee Remix)

Soulja Boy – All Black Everything (Jay Fay Remix)


Whats your studio like? Is shit hole or nice and clean? and whats your favorite piece of equipment in there?

K:  It’s an unorganized shit hole but it’s OUR unorganized shit hole. My favorite piece of equipment is the 40oz of whiskey we always seem to have to replace… wtf is up with that?

F: It’s not super organized but it’s nice. Favourite piece of equipment is the extra laptop whose sole purpose is to entertain us.


How do you explain your music to your family members? 

K:  It’s the type of music that makes them change the station.

F: Heavy dance music that the kids like but which is probably too abrasive for your generation.


IF you had the opportunity to kill Justin Beiber, would you 

A: kill him with an axe

B: Strangle him with piano wire

C: Squeeze the life out of him with your bare hands

D: Other and explain why.

K: Other, I would make friends with him and gain his trust. Then somewhere down the road, I mean WAY down the road like after I was his bestman at his wedding and after I helped him bury the prostitute he killed on his 23rd B-day, I would tell him to come over and that it was very urgent. He would come by my house and BOOM I’d push his ass down the stairs.

F: Other. I would shake his hand and talk to him. He’s a young kid who has been thrust into the spotlight and now has mountains of shit he has to deal with. Given how abnormal his life is, he seems to be handling it fairly well. He will certainly develop a shit ton of character as he grows older.


Share a secret with Wastechester that no one else knows about you guys!

K: I’m Fil’s biological father and Gary Coleman is his mother, it happened in some coked out washroom years ago, but shhhh he doesn’t know.

F: We locked ourselves in a bathroom and ripped through a half ounce of blow with Gary Coleman one week before he died.


Where can we pick up sexclusive Gooffee news & downloads?

K:gooffee.com is where it’s at. Peep here for all the free downloads soundcloud.com/gooffee and of course facebook and twitter

F: Hit us up, we answer everyone.


Thanks for taking the time to answer our ridiculous questions. stay black!

K: No worries, homies. Take care.

F: No worries and will do! Enjoy that moombah mix!




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