Owl Vision

Hey, so you know how we’re best friends with Owl Vision after we shared many many drinks and he said live at his show how much he liked us? You didn’t know that? Oh. Well now you do. Because we’re best friends (did we mention that already? That we’re best friends?) Nice, eh? Check out some wordy goodness with Owl Vision after the jump!YO Creeps meet Johannes AKA Owl Vision..

Hows life? Tell everyone what the meaning behind the name is.

Ahh whats up Wastechester, lifes pretty damn good.. As far as the name, it’s kind of mysterious and dark, like the woods near my grandparents when I was a kid. They live in the swedish countryside where it’s all fur trees and moss and a couple of red wooden houses in the middle of deep forest. I’m also intrigued by the attack technique of the owl. It can see it’s prey from kilometers away in pitch black darkness and then dive right at it and pick it up. That’s intense :)

Tell us about yourself, childhood memories?

I grew up in Helsingborg, Sweden. A nice little town only 20 minutes from Denmark by boat.
I did all sorts of stuff from inline skating to street art and graffiti painting and listening to heavy metal, haha :)

How long have you been producing for?

I started counting just now and including my hiphop beatmaking era it’s approximately 9 years!

Any producers at the moment you think we should be keeping our eyes on?

Yes, for sure! I just signed the artist “boerd” to my own record label Comrobid Records. His music is kind of similar to Boys Noize’s later stuff and Bart B More. It’s playful and effective electro house with loads of bounce :)

His first single will be out on July 12 with remixes from me, Vengeance and Comic Strips.
His first EP will be out later this summer!

Top three at the moment?

I mostly listen to music other than my own genre but here are three electronic “Bangers” that I’ve been listening a lot to lately:

Flux Pavilion – Lines In Wax w/ Foreign Beggars

Feed Me – White Spirit

Noisia – Machine gun


In 10 words or less how would you describe yourself?


Original Swedish Death Electro!

Oh shit son! Your Studio is on fire! You only have time to save one piece of gear! What is it?

My laptop is like my vault of treasure so I would save that obviously :)
But if it wasn’t in my studio during the fire I would save my Sid Station :)


Would you say any other artists have had a strong influence on your work?
I would say that all of my favorite artists have had strong influence on me in some way. Artists that I have listened to through out the years like: She Wants Revenge, Death From Above 1979, The Prodigy, Depeche Mode and many others
Tell us about your childhood crushes and your worldwide fame; have you managed to swing any of those girls in primary school who never spoke to you?
Hahah, I always got the girl that I wanted back then so nothing has changed ;)


If you had to duel it out in the 1400’s what would be your weapon of choice?
I would use witchcraft. Who can beat that?


If the world really ends in 2012, what do you think you will be known for, and if you somehow managed to survive, how do you think the rest of your life would play out?

I really hope I would be remembered for trying to do my own thing and creating my own style!

But if the world really ends there won’t be anyone left to remember me…

If I survive I would keep struggling like I am doing right now! Even if the end of the world turns out to be a fucking zombie outbreak :)


How many producers does it take to change a light bulb and why?

One, if he or she is not disabled in some way that affects light bulb changing :)


What has been your most memorable show you have played, and why?

My most memorable show is still when I replaced Uffie at the Ed Banger night at the Emmaboda festival!

I had already played in Emmaboda two times before this show but this last one was the BOMB!


Thanks Owl Vision, we send our Love from New York, Wastechester.

Thank you Wastechester for showing interest! Keep doing your thing!

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