Yo dudes, this tasty track by Bordeauxs electro wizard Tom Deluxx has been filling floors and wetting DJs’ sweaty knickers across the land for the last few weeks. We recently had a chance to sit and talk about some bullshit with Tom, check out our interview and his latest drop after the jump.

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Whats up Mr.Deluxx? Can we call you Tom? Tell the people your name & what do you do for a living?

Hi, yes call me Tom! My real name is Sebastien, and I come from Bordeaux (France). I make music and DJ…

Meaning behind the name?

Absolutely nothing…

How long have you been making heads bang?

I’ve been djing almost 10 years, but I’ve been producing for about 4 years.

Are there more chicks or dicks at your shows?

both, all depends on the location and what the crowds like.

Which city shows the most love?

i think Koln in Germany, but Italy is really good too.

What was your most memorable show played to date?

Hard to say, i think it was last year in Amsterdam (Dance valley) behind 30,000 peoples, that was really impressive.

Any gang bangs with groupie sluts?

no, but let me know if you have any planned…

Let us know when your heading to NY, and we can have that arranged.


Vodka & beer only

Whats your favorite spots to chill?

my sofa…

Favorite horror flick of all time?


How long do you think you are gonna live?

if i don’t stop smoking like that, not to much…

Craziest shit (not literally) you’ve seen while touring?

last year in a festival, when i finished my set, when I leave the scene, there was a creek just behind and a drunk guy was in the process of drowning, the security exit him, I do not know if he died but he look alike …. I was pretty shocked

Proudest moment of your career?

It’s coming soon…

How would you define your genre?

Hard, loud & idiot music

Where are you headed to next?

actually, europe a lot….& a big australian tour in december !

Which other artists do you think are killing it right now? Who would you like to play a show with?

KnifeParty is really fresh & awesome.
i think metallica could be great ;)

Couldn’t agree with you more.. Knife party is killing it, and Metallica would be epic as fuck.

Top tracks your hammering at the moment?

ZZT- Vulkan alarm (proxy remix)
Porter robinson- Unison (knife party remix)
Ecxision- Swerve
Wolfgang Gartner- Shrunken heads

Whats your studio like? Is it a shit hole? or nice and clean? and whats your favorite piece of equipment in there?

My studio is clean, i hate working on shit….my favorite piece is my monitor (adam a7x)

How do you explain your music to your family members?

it’s really hard to explain, most of time i say “yes it’s like David guetta”

Its 2012, the worlds been completely annihilated by zombies! you two are the only hope for all humanity, what weapon are you going to use to slay these zombie fucks?

AK 47 ;)

IF you each had the opportunity to kill Justin Beiber, would you

A: kill him with an axe
B: Strangle him with piano wire
C: Squeeze the life out of him with your bare hands
D: Other and explain why.

D: i do nothing, because i don’t give a fuck about him !

Word. Share a secret with Wastechester that no one else knows about you!

I have 3 testicles.

Damn.. we knew it! HAEZER told us in his interview that he has two dicks, your all fucking mutants. Tell the people where can we pick up sexclusive Tom Deluxx news & downloads?

You can find all info here :


Thanks for taking the time to answer our ridiculous questions. stay black!

Thank you, and by the way your website is really fucking nice !

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