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Whats your names & what do guys you do for a living?

Moe (V) & Simon (Z).  

V: I’m a uni dropout that designs websites for vets.
Z: I just graduated from university with a degree in Internet Science and hope to do a masters of advertising next year.

Where are you originally from?
V&Z: We’re from Sydney, Australia. Vegemite, kangaroos, etc.

How long have you guys been making heads bang?? And how did you fucks get together?

V: Producing for about 3 years, DJing for 4.

Z: Ive been DJing for about 6 years and producing for about 2. We’ve only been together as V&Z for close to 2 years. We met because I sold Moe a dodgy mixer and we got talking about producing together through that.

Which city shows the most love?
V&Z: Sydney is the only city that shows us love currently as that’s really the only place we’ve played. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

V&Z: Music. Just press play, you ain’t gotta sniff it.

Are there more chicks or dicks at your shows?
V&Z: Definitely more dicks. The boys do love to get rowdy, but it’s awesome to see chicks getting into it as well.

Any fights ever break out between you two? IF SO, who usually wins?
V&Z: Haha, every now and then, nothing serious. We usually end up agreeing to disagree.

V: But I’m pretty tough, so I’d probably win a fist fight.

Any shows ever have any hate? Words for the haters?
V&Z: Haven’t experienced hate yet, quite the opposite in fact, we get a lot of support from our fans, and for that we are thankful. We put a lot of energy into all our shows and really try to connect with the crowd and have a good time with them, so we normally get a really positive response.

What was your most memorable show played to date?

V&Z: We played the closing set at Trashbags Sydney after Smacktown one night. We were pretty bummed because we thought everyone was would have already gone home, but instead there was a pretty decent crew that partied all night long. I don’t think we’ve ever had so much energy at 5am!!

Any gang bangs with groupie girls?
V&Z: We are not quite that famous yet, but maybe you could send some of the Wastechester girls down here ;)  

5 traits of your ideal girl?

V&Z: Doesn’t like shit music. Cute. Confident. Parties hard. Can dish out and take shit.
Favorite horror flick of all time?

V: I’m a bit of a pussy when it comes to scary movies. Blair Witch Project always stuck with me.
Z: Really hard to say. Probably ‘The Ring’ cause that little girl still gives me nightmares!

What did you have for dinner last night? Was it good?

V: Pepperoni pizza. The superior pizza.
Z: Steak with mash potatoes and peas covered in gravy… just thinking of how good it was is making my mouth water!!

Where do you guys currently sleep at the moment?

V: Basement dweller at my parents. Minimal rent means more cash money for big nights.

Z: I live with two of my best mates by the beach but unfortunately have to move back with my parents soon :S

Craziest story you’ve had while touring?
V&Z: We haven’t really had a big tour YET. We’ve certainly messed up some mixes after being a little too intoxicated…

How would you define your genre?

V: Trashy party music.
Z: I would call it electro with a hint of some dubstep elements

Where are you guys headed to next?  
V&Z: There are grand plans in the works, but at the moment we’re not really sure. We’d love to do an overseas tour, we want to share our music with the world.

Which other artists do you think are killing it right now? Who would you like to play a show with?

V&Z: Wolfgang Gartner, Porter Robinson, Danger, F.O.O.L are some of our favourites and inspirations. To play with Wolfgang would be a dream come true, dude is a boss producer and DJ.

Top tracks you guys are hammering at the moment?

V&Z: Check out our Wastechester mix for stuff we’re digging!

How do you explain your music to your family members?

V: Obnoxious noise.

Z: I don’t bother trying to explain it hahaha

IF you had the opportunity to kill Justin Beiber, would you

A: kill him with an axe
B: Strangle him with piano wire
C: Squeeze the life out of him with your bare hands
D: Other and explain why.

V: Who gives a fuck about Beiber?

Z: D – I wouldn’t kill him, just replace his background music at one of his concerts with some V&Z tunes and rock out

Share a secret with Wastechester that no one else knows about you guys!
V&Z: Not even sure that we should be saying this… the secret to all our productions are red Doritos and Red Rock Deli chips!

Where can we pick up V&Z sexclusive news & downloads?
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