MIDNIGHT MOVIE MASSACRE: Halloween (1978) Drinking Game

Did you press it? Okay good! WoOoOoO!! Welcome back, foolish drunks, to another kick-ass installment of our Halloween drinking thing! This movie is practically synonymous with Halloween…well not so much practically as literally.


40 years ago director John carpenter’s HALLOWEEN 🎃 premiered in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s the classic that started the whole teen slasher genre and propelled Jamie Lee Curtis from a mere nobody to a diarrhea inducing yogurt peddler!

Hey, remember that weird time in the 80′s when everyone agreed that Jamie Lee Curtis was as sex bomb and she did stuff like this:

The Rules!

Beginner Level (drink for rules 1 - 5) 

1) First of all, drinks are DOUBLED if a rule happens during the day.

2) Drink every time you hear the main theme.

3) Drink for every jump scare.

4) HEAVY DRINK anytime someone dies.

5) Drink anytime someone says “Michael” or “Michael Myers.”

Intermediate Level (drink for rules 1 - 10)

6) Drink every time there is nudity.

7) Drink every time a car passes by in the background.

8)  Drink anytime someone says or you see the word HALLOWEEN.

9) Drink every time a woman is scared.

10) Drink anytime someone is on the phone.

Advanced Level (drink for ALL rules)

11) Drink every time the characters are babbling about high school related issues.

12) Drink every time you think that Jamie Lee Curtis is very handsome.

14) Drink anytime someone is incredulous about what’s going on.

13) If you’re very brave, drinks are TRIPLED if it’s raining.

See, that wasn’t too bad, was it? In fact you should pop a couple of those vitamin B12 pills and play another spooky drinking game (links below)! Not only will we be doing new ones all month, but we’ll also be reposting old Halloween-themed games because we’re lazy and really not that creative. 

Have you noticed that Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie kind of looks like Earthworm Jim? 


We want to terrify you!