Kill of the Week: Dance Club Massacre in ‘The Collection’

Kill of the Week: Dance Club Massacre in ‘The Collection’

Every week, we spotlight a kill that we just can’t get enough of. This is Kill of the Week.

If there was any horror film released in the last decade that deserved its own long-running franchise, one could argue that The Collector was that film. The movie, which began its life as the script for a Saw prequel, introduced a new icon with the titular Collector, a masked maniac who brutally maims, murders and, well, collects his victims.

While it didn’t quite spawn a franchise, The Collector did get one sequel in 2012, The Collection. The best way I can describe The Collection is that it is to The Collector what Aliens is to Alien. Not only is the general plot very similar, with the survivor of the first film being thrust back into their nightmare, but so too is the overall approach of the sequel, which is bigger and more action packed. While The Collector is an intense and confined horror flick, The Collection is played more for the crazy spectacle of it all.

And that gory spectacle begins with the opening scene, which sees the Collector using one of his nasty traps to turn the floor of a dance club into a human meat grinder. When a young woman at the club frees Josh Stewart’s Arkin from one of the Collector’s red trunks, she unknowingly triggers the death blades, which slice and dice dozens of teens.

Take that, Ghost Ship!

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